[Style Saturday] Skirted Cabinets

I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2010-2012 in Panama. The community I lived in didn't have a house available for me to rent, so I had to have one built. It was a blast designing and decorating for a completely new space! 

One of the tricks I used was skirted cabinets to be able to hide personal items that I didn't want visitors to see. It's quick and easy and a lot less expensive than building cabinets.

I chose to skirt my kitchen (bottom photo) and my bed area (top photo) to give those spaces some privacy from lurking eyes. It definitely served its purpose for the 2 years that I lived there!

Now that I don't live in such simple housing, I find myself torn between this "trend" of skirted kitchen cabinets. As with anything, it has to be done right. Check out these photos of some beautifully-designed kitchens with skirted-cabinets.

79 Ideas
Marie Claire Maison
Kikette Interiors

Cote de Texas
HGTV via Decorpad
via Vignette Design
via Bella Rustica Style

Would you do this in your space?


  1. i emailed this link to Summer for her new kitchen. they moved out last weekend. :(


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