Time Slice Photography by Dan Marker-Moore

I love love love Dan Marker-Moore's eye for photography. His newest project "Time Slice" is really cool. Check out my favorite images below and see more on his website here: http://danorst.tumblr.com/tagged/timeslice.

Chicago: 39 Photos spanning 1 hour 18 minutes

New York: 38 Photos spanning 2 hours and 3 minutes
Toronto: 40 Photos spanning 1 hour and 53 minutes
Losing track of time… 30 minutes of clouds coverage
42 Photos of Sunset (Los Angeles)
Continuing my exploration of time in the still frame. Thirty minutes of sunrise from sixty plus photos.
Moon Rise Time Slice…. this is a collage of 11 photos taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds

*Discovered on Illusion
**All photos from DANOR.ST unless otherwise noted.


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