[Street Art Sundays] Urban Forms Gallery

This mayor of Łódź, Poland is the coolest. And it's a woman - Hanna Zdanowska! She is funding a project on behalf of the city "to create a permanent exhibition of street art in the public space in the city centre of Lodz." 
Here are my favorites so far from the 30 murals:
ARYZ (Spain)

SHIDA (Australia)
INTI (Chile)
KENOR (Spain)
SAINER (Poland)
ETAM CREW (Poland)
KRIK (Poland)
PENER (Poland)
ETAM CREW (Poland)
M-CITY (Poland)
TONE (Poland)
BEZT (Poland)
INTI (Chile)
3TTMAN (France)

*All photos from Galeria Urban Forms
**Discovered on Street Art Utopia


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