So you might be wondering...

Twiggy at Disneyland during her first visit to the U.S., 1967.

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...where have I been?

Well, since this blog is just something I keep up with in my spare time, sometimes life just doesn't give us any spare time. Am I right? Phew. It's been a busy month or two.

I'm not writing to say, "I'm back to posting multiple times per week!" But in case you do kinda sorta follow me semi-regularly, I want you to know that I haven't fallen off the blog-o-sphere. I'm starting to get  my spare time back and will continue contributing here when possible. 

Hope you stick around! Or not, actually, since I really could care less how many "followers" this blog has. I post things for me, so that I have a journal that I can look back on to see what was important to me at different times of my life. I have a terrible memory, so I gotta keep up with this all somehow... but I'm so happy if you want to join in on the fun too! The stuff I share is pretty cool, if you ask me. :)


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