Eric Standley's 'Stained Glass' Paper Windows

Some things just make you stop and say, "woah." This is one of those things.

Eric Standley is an art innovator in the sense that he is using technology to push the boundaries of traditional art. To say I'm impressed with his work would be an understatement. I am utterly blown away by the intricacy.

Eric laser cuts heavy paper and layers them together to create phenomenal designs, usually borrowed from gothic or islamic structures.

Check out this short video first and then see more of his work below. He has a huge collection, which you can see here.

Either/Or Arch 3.6
cut paper, 18"x24", 2014

Argos (detail)
cut paper, acrylic, LEDs, 20"x20", 2013
cut paper, 20"x20", 2013
Dioscuri (detail)
cut paper, 23"x19", 2010
Either/Or Ipswich (detail)
acrylic and digital print on canvas, cut paper, 30"x30", 2011
Either/Or Newmarch
cut paper, 20"x20", 2014
Either/Or Mu (detail)
cut paper, 12"x36", 2014
Either/Or Sebago
cut paper, 18"x18", 2009
Either/Or Circle 5.3.1
cut paper, 18"x18", 2011
Either/Or Circle 9.2.2
cut paper, 18"x18", 2011
Poseidon II
cut paper, 18"x18", 2009
Either/Or Tetragon 6.7.1 (detail)
cut paper, 8"x10", 2014

*Discovered on This is Colossal
**All photos from Eric Standley's website


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