Una Hats

So delicate! So proper! So in?

Honestly, I kinda hope that hats make a comeback. A really well-made hat does WONDERS for an outfit, bad hair day, dirty hair, etc. :)

I adore these hand-made hats by Una Murphy-Hernandez. She is of Irish heritage and grew up in the Bronx, though she spent summers visiting family in Ireland. It was so common to wear a hat not only to church and formal events, but also while working on the farm and running errands in town. Obviously it wasn't anything snobbish, as Americans have been known to think, but hats were simply a part of life.

Wouldn't it be darling if we picked up a hat-wearing culture again?


*Discovered through Madesmith (all photos from Madesmith unless otherwise noted)


  1. Hi I just came across this post. It made my day. I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank yo for your lovely blog post feature. -Una


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