Monday, February 24, 2014

[Monday Models] Ieva Laguna

That's right, folks. A new series for you! Don't contain your excitement, leave me a comment to tell me how much you loveeee Street Art Sundays and now - Monday Models! Woo hoo

There are just too many good models to leave them for just a few weeks of the year (Fashion Weeks). I plan to highlight a new model every Monday from now until I run out of models to talk about. :)

I know the fashion and modelling industries get a bad rap for being materialistic, focused on consumerism, anorexia, underpaid seamstresses overseas, etc. My other blog focuses more on these human rights and societal issues (of which I don't support any!).

So I encourage you to see through my eyes with these fashion and modelling posts. I'm on a hunt for beauty, aesthetic and design in this little space of the internet world. For me, looking at these pictures gives me inspiration and delight, to see something made beautifully for a woman's exquisite body. Can we please celebrate that?!

Anorexic women are not attractive. Cheaply made clothes are not pretty.

I will steer clear of both, though please understand that I am not going to research every clothing line that I blog about to be sure that they are environmentally conscious and good to their workers all the way down to the factories where their thread is made...

Also, runway models are skinny. It's the nature of the beast. I know a lot of people like to say that skinny girls are automatically anorexic, but please refrain from this generalized stereotype because it's NOT true. I will only post models who I believe to be healthy and beautiful, but I am not going to research their health histories...

Onto the first edition of Monday Models!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Street Art Sundays] TATS Cru

TATS Cru is a group of graffiti artists in New York City who have been working together for around 30 years. YEAH! These guys are the real deal and stay true to graffiti's roots. They have traveled all over the world to work for everyone imaginable (royalty, Smithsonian Institute, NY Times, etc.).

The "cru" consists of 4 main artists and they call in their friends whenever they need special help or if they have an unusually large project. Check out some of their work!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Emilio Pucci}

Mmmm I almost didn't post Emilio Pucci's Fall 2014 collection. It was very hit or miss for me. But, I figure, there are 15 looks that I liked, so it's worth it, even if he had some very shotty designs.

I'm really NOT into these sheer beaded dresses just barely covering up the goods. Or see-through enough to where your underwear would be completely visible.

Emilio produced quite a few of those, which I did not showcase here (sorrynotsorry).

Buttttt he had some intricate dresses, which you know I always love. AND velvet suits!! So it's not all a waste!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Luisa Beccaria}

Mmm I have to say, for a designer who has been around for 30 years, I was a bit shocked at some of the unkempt pieces Luisa Beccaria sent down the runway for her Fall 2014 RTW collection.

However, she did have some interesting typically romantic pieces, which I always adore. 

Whoever did the styling for this collection needs to be seriously reprimanded. The god-awful hair? A thick black ribbon around the neck as if the models were each "Bloody Mary"? Ugly gold platform shoes for every single look? 

I've included the good ones here, but let's just say I was seriously torn to show this collection since some of the pieces were hideous and others were down-right amateur. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Temperley London}

Temperley London totally rocked it with the patterns this season!! I love Alice Temperley's layering - in this case with different patterns, coats and shawls.

It's a great mix of fun, sophistication, and sexy. Love love love!

Una Hats

So delicate! So proper! So in?

Honestly, I kinda hope that hats make a comeback. A really well-made hat does WONDERS for an outfit, bad hair day, dirty hair, etc. :)

I adore these hand-made hats by Una Murphy-Hernandez. She is of Irish heritage and grew up in the Bronx, though she spent summers visiting family in Ireland. It was so common to wear a hat not only to church and formal events, but also while working on the farm and running errands in town. Obviously it wasn't anything snobbish, as Americans have been known to think, but hats were simply a part of life.

Wouldn't it be darling if we picked up a hat-wearing culture again?

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Gucci}

The 60's are back, baby!! Frida Giannini's collection for Gucci is AWESOME. I am a huge lover of the 50's and 60's styles, so this collection was spot on for me. Michael van der Ham's 60's-inspired collection, however, was a total fail.

I love Frida's use of leather mixed with a synthetic fabric! It came out perfectly, which honestly doesn't always happen. 

I'm obsessed with the short dresses and coats mixed with her large collection of boots. Seriously, to-die-for. 

And to top if all off, she gives us this incredible mirrored/sparkly fabric paired with the muted leather - really really stunning. Though very attention-grabing! :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Pamella Roland}

More and more and more gowns. We are drowning in beautiful gowns and dresses!

Pamella Roland gave us a really beautiful show this year. Her designs are stunning and relatively simple. She stays just modern enough to keep it interesting, also using unique patterns, textures and beading. I'm a fan!

(without the coat...)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Naeem Khan}

Naeem Khan shone as always. Though I wasn't as enamoured with his Fall 2014 collection as I was with his Fall 2013 collection. It was still noteworthy enough to post about, however. :)

Honestly his collection was so varied this year! He did about 10 different fabrics and each one in 3 or 4 ways. There wasn't one solid theme, since he jumped from patterns to deep colors to beads to sheer.  I think there will certainly be something for everyone...

Here are my favorites:

[Street Art Sundays] David Zinn's Cartoon Creations

I am obsessed with David Zinn's creativity and his child's heart. I could post 50 pictures of his work on here because each one is just so darn cute! 

He works mainly with chalk and has created characters, like Sluggo, and taken them on journeys through the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Here are some of my favorites, but honestly, you should check out his website for a full viewing!

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Julien Macdonald}

Bring on the SEXY, Julien Macdonald!!

Intricate designs always call my attention and Julien's collection is filled to the brim with amazingly delicate pieces. 

You know, there is always a time and a place to step up your sexy. I live in Panamá, a place where men worship beautiful women, fall over their feet after them, cat call until their lips hurt. I love the animalistic mannerisms in Latin America because I feel that they are more real and natural. Men and women were created a certain way, so let them be!

Ok, I'm not promoting wearing these outfits on the street, nor am I promoting prostitution, but I am simple stating that it's ok to look sexy at the right time and place! 

Enjoy these beautifully-made gowns from Julien Macdonald...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Jenny Packham}

Ok, I'll apologize ahead of time. Jenny Packham's collection was spectacular and I couldn't stop adding photos of her looks to this post. Jenny's Fall 2014 season is officially my most loved collection so far - and it's going to be SUPER hard to beat her.

My love for this collection falls in it's simplicity, really. Her designs are absolutely stunning. Beading is perfect, fabrics are delicately matched to create a unique combination, silhouettes are to-die-for, and she's bringing back wide leg pants! I LOVE the mix of long full skirts with a dressed up sweatshirt look. 

It's an awesome mix of dressy glamorous clothes and everyday comfortable but classy looks. I would buy the whole collection and call it a day.

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Badgley Mischka}

Sigh. Badgley Mischka strikes yet again. They literally cannot make a bad collection. I'm telling you, it's against the universe.

Their clothes are the epitome of beautiful, classic, well-made, timeless. Their fabric choices are unerring time and time again. Yet through their conservativeness, their designs are not boring nor feel copied. Ah, how I love Badgley Mischka!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Alice + Olivia}

Wow. My eyes are still bulging out.

What an enchanting spread from Alice + Olivia for Fall 2014! They pulled out all of the stops and went BIG and bold this season. 

For me, some things were a bit too much, a bit over the top, but I appreciate the change of scenery and the bravery required to pull off a daring photo shoot that is different from the rest. THAT is the mark of a good brand and designer! To move outside of the comfort zone, but not so far out that it's completely absurd...

I am posting this collection not only because of the interesting styling choices, but also because I thought the clothes were striking. I love the sexiness of this season and the bold dark colors. Great great great job Stacey Bendet!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Karen Walker}

This collection from Karen Walker brings back images of college for me. It's a cool, classy, unique style that Karen brings forth - everything that I was going for in college. Who's with me? :)

She's one of the first who have done below-the-knee skirts this season that I actually liked. I like the patterns she chose and her styling. For me, it came to together in Karen's collection!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Theory}

What a beautiful collection! Theory is typically a bit too modern for my taste, but I really enjoyed Olivier Theyskens' designs this season.

He played with hem lines and the illusion of a long skirt, but with sheer fabric. I loved it! 

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Tommy Hilfiger}

Biggest Surprise this season goes to Tommy Hilfiger!

I usually hate Tommy Hilfiger. It's totally not my style. I hate cold weather and athletics. I'm over the age of 23. Clearly I'm not his market base.

But this season, something clicked with me. I love the plaids! The shirt dresses! Clothes made out of winter blankets! ;)

But seriously, I did really like it. Not only for the slopes, but also for everyday wear. It would be so cute and comfortable!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Carolina Herrera}

Carolina Herrera must have spent some time in Turkey and the old Soviet Union countries recently! Her collection was clearly inspired by these cultures and she did a really beautiful job incorporating traditional designs into her Fall 2014 collection. 

I will say that I'm not the biggest fan of the furs and heavy fabrics. It was a little much to see almost everyone in thick tights and gloves. She lightened it up at the end, but the patterns were SO busy! There were some patterns that weren't to my taste, no matter how interesting the design was. 

Overall it was a very interesting collection - different from the rest - and I really appreciated her vision and implementation. Perfect as always!

And last but not least, the styling was beautiful! I especially loved the hair. :)

Model Love {Cecilia Mendez}

Support for latin models!! You don't see many, since height is not naturally to their advantage... but Cecilia Mendez broke the mold from Argentina. 

She's not super famous, she doesn't walk in all of the big shows, but she has managed to attract and hold the attention of Akris, for who she has solely modelled their 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.

I personally think she is simply beautiful. Her thick black hair, big brown eyes, and small face is so cute!

Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 RTW

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Ralph Rucci}

Hands down, Ralph Rucci wins the Best Little Black Dress Award. 

His designs this season were simple, yet flawless executed and detailed. His suits were gorgeous - they brought me back to my days working in Finance... I would buy them if I were still there! I also loved the over-the-knee boot to give a sexy kick to the simple designs. 

Bravo, Mr. Rucci!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Diane von Furstenberg}

Ahh Diane von Furstenberg, what were you thinking this season?

First of all, who's dumb idea was it to create a runway/backdrop with a busy pattern that clashes with the patterned clothes?

Second of all, Diane lost her creativity this season. The patterns are blah, the designs are blah, and the styling was terrible. It's so clear that she spent the majority of the year on her yacht from all of the wave and night sky designs... boring boring!

And WHAT was up with marching all of the models down the runway wearing similar ugly gold fabric in different lame baby-doll dress designs??

I guess you can get away with anything when you are as famous as Diane. *sigh*

It was nice to see the models smiling, however. :D

Although I was not a fan of this collection, I'm still a DVF fan! Here were my few favourites.

Model Love {Anna Selezneva}

I'm slightly obsessed with Russian women. I think it's because they seem slightly exotic, but still similar enough to make you wonder how they really can be so different. Does that make any sense?

Well anyway, Anna Selezneva is a gorgeous Russian model. I especially love Russian models because they give you all the attitude you want. They know they are supremely beautiful and they want to make sure everyone else knows too. Ok, that's probably ridiculously stereotypical, but it's my little fantasy that I tell myself. haha

Here are some recent photos of Anna borrowed from (because you know, I'm not even close to being a professional fashion photographer).

Stella McCartney Spring 2013 RTW

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Lela Rose}

Lela Rose gave us a very interesting collection this season. 

It's hard to put my finger on how I feel about it. There were pieces that I hated, pieces that were super boring, and then pieces that I could live with, a few that I actually really liked. The whole collection was a big jumble in my opinion, not very cohesive. Of course that happens to every designer some seasons - a mental block or attention deficit disorder. :)

Here were my favourites. What do you think of the collection? See the full collection here: see the slideshow

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Monique Lhuillier}

I am LOVING Monique Lhuillier's more edgy collection this season!! And when I say love, I mean head over heels... 20 out of 42 designs... wow that's impressive. 

She went full force on the half or full sleeves on dresses and I am really digging that trend this season. I say, the more legs the better. ;)

Did Monique knock it out of the park this season or what? 

[Street Art Sundays] Alice Pasquini

Women always bring in a different perspective, don't we? :)

Take a look at Alice Pasquini's street art. Mostly of women or girls, independent stares, more of a drawing than painting. Gorgeous!

Model Love {Jac}

Monika "Jac" Jagaciak has made quite a name for herself in the past few years. Maybe you have even heard of her nickname, Jac, which she goes by (at least in the fashion realm). She started out in 2009 with Calvin Klein and really became famous in 2011 when her advertising picked up and she walked in all of the top runway shows.

She is currently ranked #27 in the world.... not bad for a Polish girl! :)

I will honestly say that I have never seen a model with so many varying forms. She doesn't have extremely distinct features, so it helps her to be a chameleon for different advertising campaigns, designers, etc. Obviously a key quality in modelling!

Chanel Spring 2013 (this was obviously heavily airbrushed, what a shame)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Mara Hoffman}

Mara Hoffman is my secret designer incarnate. 

I don't even know if that's grammatically correct, but what I'm trying to say is if I were a designer, I would be Mara Hoffman. I love how she uses pattern to mix up simple designs. She takes inspiration from far-away places and makes them our everyday. This Fall 2014 collection was no different. It looks like her inspiration came from Africa and the Middle East!

Did you know that Mara also designs killer bathing suits? She received the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Presents designer for her Resort Swim 2014 collection.

Model Love {Andreea Diaconu}

I am dying to visit Eastern Europe, Russia and even the countries below Russia that used to be part of the Soviet Union. Though their culture and demeanour is typically pretty harsh, their people are truly beautiful. I feel there is a lot more underneath the mean glares...

Andreea Diaconu is a Romanian model who started becoming famous in 2010. Since then, she has shot up every year and is now currently ranked #21 in the world (yeah, they have rankings). Her most defining characteristics are mile-high cheekbones and beautifully full eyebrows.

Here are some of her most recent photos...

Balmain Spring 2014 RTW

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Erin Fetherston}

I would hire Erin Fetherston to make my wardrobe. We are on the same wavelength. Get ready for girly girl designs!! Interestingly, she chose multiple floral designs (remember, this is for Fall, not Spring). 

And have you seen the model she chose this year! LOVE the styling!

Model Love {Ming Xi}

Chinese model Ming Xi is relatively new to the scene, but she is already making it big. She's perfectly tiny, has to-die-for pouty lips, and evokes an attitude destined for stardom. Check out what she's been up to this past year.

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 RTW

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Marissa Webb}

This is fashion, my friend!

Korean-born, United States-raised Marissa Webb has given us an edgy collection for Fall 2014 (the third collection for her brand ever, actually!). It's completely fashion forward without being fashion fucked-up/backward. (See what I did there?)

I especially love the models' hair and makeup - it's a perfect everyday look which makes the collection appealing to everyday women (hey, that's me!).

It's a bit darker/dreary than I prefer for a whole collection, but I still had lots of favourite pieces/styles. What do YOU think?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Tadashi Shoji}

The first days of Fashion Week usually suck (in my opinion). You get a lot of new designers trying some funky stuff and that's just not my style. If you want to express yourself in weird art forms, don't make a clothing line that won't sell!!! Total waste. Do some weird canvases and get all the crazy out of your system, THEN go and make clothes out of your work that sells and that people actually like.

On person who stood out for me from today's shows is Tadashi Shoji. He was born in Japan in 1948 and moved to the United States in 1973. Mr. Shoji has been in the fashion business for over 30 years! He's an amazing gown creator, dressing celebrities worldwide every year for award shows.

His Fall 2014 show is incredible. I could have put almost all 39 pieces on this website, but I narrowed it down to 17 (which is still a lot!). Enjoy!!

Model Love {Miranda Kerr}

I've always admired Miranda Kerr's beauty and model ability. I wrote about her in 2010, so here's a little update of what she's been up to the past few years.

Balenciaga Spring 2011 RTW

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Escada}

Let's start Fashion Week off with a bang and feature Escada, who debuted their Fall 2014 collection on February 4th. It wasn't a super risky collection, but I like design director Daniel Wingate's choice of grays and jewel green, mixed with a subdued flower print here and there.

You know, Escada is moving up in the celebrity gown market, having recently dressed Edie Falco and Helen Mirren for the Emmy's and SAG awards, respectively. 

Edie Falco at the 2013 Emmy Awards

Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Street Art Sundays] JULY i's Powerful Street Art

I'm grateful for people who stand up for what they believe in and fight to the death.

Toronto-based artist, JULY i's, street art is controversial and thought-provoking. I LOVE it!