Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Amazing Digital Artwork by Pawel Nolbert

I don't post much digital artwork because I find few artists who I truly believe make worthy, passionate art through the software that they use. Those programs are so advanced that they can turn anyone into an artist with a click of a few buttons.

Of course, there are some people who so master these programs and have a creative artistic mind that they really can produce amazing work. Pawel Nolbert is one of those special persons.

He is now a super famous Pole and has worked on creative projects with dozens of large and small companies (many well-known).

Here is one of his recent projects that really struck a note with me. It's called "Atypical" and it's a series of letters, numbers and symbols "painted" digitally. I love typography so this was especially interesting to me.

Take a look...

*All photos from Pawel Nolbert
**Discovered on Illusion

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