Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Street Art Sundays] Icy and Sot

Here's a brother duo from Iran whose main street art form is stenciling. Icy and Sot (29 and 23 years old) create works about war, peace, hope, despair, society issues and human rights. They currently live in New York City, but have created artwork all over the world.

I love artwork which has societal meaning behind it, so naturally, these guys are some of my favorites. Check out their latest work...

Brooklyn, New York USA
Brooklyn, NY USA
Bushwick, Brooklyn USA
Lower East Side, NYC USA
Rochester, NY USA
Rochester, NY USA
Williamsburg, Brooklyn USA
Brooklyn, NY USA
Bushwick, Brooklyn NY USA
5 Pointz, Brooklyn NY USA
Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY USA
Brooklyn NY USA
Project Space, NY USA
Los Angeles, CA USA
Bushwick, Brooklyn NY USA
Tabriz, Iran

*All photos from Icy and Sot
**Discovered on Street Art Utopia

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