Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hilltop Garden Terrace in San Francisco

I love outdoor living spaces. After living in Panamá, I value the environment even more. What better than to create a beautiful and comfortable patio, yard, garden, terrace, etc.? Somewhere that inspires you and relaxes you. Somewhere to let go and dream of grand things.

I stumbled across this project from Mary Barensfeld Architechture firm and it's amazing. I love her design on this sloped backyard. It would have been easy and boring to put in stairs to the top and make a pretty overlook deck, but she went above and beyond and created a Japanese-inspired zig-zagged path amongst trees and shrubbery. Although the cement walls wouldn't have been my choice, the rest of the design is very Zen.

*All photos from Mary Barensfeld
**Discovered on Design Boom

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