Friday, May 16, 2014

[Fashion Fridays] Salinas Summer 2015

Many of you are getting into the summer mood with school letting out soon and warmer weather as each day passes. Today's designer is Salinas, who showed some really fun tomboyish and super colourful bathing suits for their Summer 2015 collection in Rio de Janeiro just last month.

Salinas is a Brazilian-based company which has dozens of stores in Brazil and also sells in high-end stores and boutiques internationally. The company's design team is headed by Jacqueline de Biase, who started the company in the 1980's.

I love love love this collection. The cuts are new and just sexy enough to be fun, but you can still jump in the water and not worry about flashing every bystander. The colours are tropical with really beautiful and unique prints, which will have everyone on the beach jealous of you.

Here are my favourites:

*All photos from Fashion Forward

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