Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Jenny Packham}

Ok, I'll apologize ahead of time. Jenny Packham's collection was spectacular and I couldn't stop adding photos of her looks to this post. Jenny's Fall 2014 season is officially my most loved collection so far - and it's going to be SUPER hard to beat her.

My love for this collection falls in it's simplicity, really. Her designs are absolutely stunning. Beading is perfect, fabrics are delicately matched to create a unique combination, silhouettes are to-die-for, and she's bringing back wide leg pants! I LOVE the mix of long full skirts with a dressed up sweatshirt look. 

It's an awesome mix of dressy glamorous clothes and everyday comfortable but classy looks. I would buy the whole collection and call it a day.

(this poor model needs some coaching on facial expression...)

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