Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Emilio Pucci}

Mmmm I almost didn't post Emilio Pucci's Fall 2014 collection. It was very hit or miss for me. But, I figure, there are 15 looks that I liked, so it's worth it, even if he had some very shotty designs.

I'm really NOT into these sheer beaded dresses just barely covering up the goods. Or see-through enough to where your underwear would be completely visible.

Emilio produced quite a few of those, which I did not showcase here (sorrynotsorry).

Buttttt he had some intricate dresses, which you know I always love. AND velvet suits!! So it's not all a waste!

(without the coat...)
velour suit... better without the red blouse...

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