Monday, February 10, 2014

Fashion Week Fall 2014 {Diane von Furstenberg}

Ahh Diane von Furstenberg, what were you thinking this season?

First of all, who's dumb idea was it to create a runway/backdrop with a busy pattern that clashes with the patterned clothes?

Second of all, Diane lost her creativity this season. The patterns are blah, the designs are blah, and the styling was terrible. It's so clear that she spent the majority of the year on her yacht from all of the wave and night sky designs... boring boring!

And WHAT was up with marching all of the models down the runway wearing similar ugly gold fabric in different lame baby-doll dress designs??

I guess you can get away with anything when you are as famous as Diane. *sigh*

It was nice to see the models smiling, however. :D

Although I was not a fan of this collection, I'm still a DVF fan! Here were my few favourites.

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