Friday, January 10, 2014

Dreaming of a Home

Since the majority of the human race are no longer hunters and gatherers, the gene of ALWAYS being on the move has pretty well been weeded out. Even for those of us who are nomads, I bet all of us still have some place in our heart where we long to relax and sleep in a familiar bed and be surrounded by our things.

I personally dream of buying dozens of acres of land, either ocean front or beach front, with jungle in the background. I want to build a completely sustainable house with my husband to raise our future kiddos. Wood will be the main building material, as well as glass. I'm a lover of plants, so I want to have a special greenhouse area. My husband is a lover of animals, so he would love to have multiple dogs and snakes and tigers. :)

The house would be surrounded by gardens - for eating, for fruit, for flowers, all for the bees. And nestled in the jungle would be our own bee hives for harvesting fresh honey!

Here are some photos that I came across recently that spark my interest. I would love to know what your dream home looks like!

I love the walls here!
Amazing beams.
So cozy.
Wooden table and chairs! And I would do wooden counter tops too.

The stone! A pool! The windows!
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HUGE TREE INSIDE HOUSE!!! (Source) And love the vaulted ceilings and wood paneling on the right.

Love the greenhouse on the left! 

YES YES YES to the left photo.

*Discovered by Honestly WTF here and here.
*Photos of the first home are from David Michael Miller Associates.

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