Sunday, November 3, 2013

[Street Art Sundays] MadC in Leipzig, Germany

Welcome to the first Street Art Sundays post!

I was planning on doing a feature post about Street Art, but the genre is so much larger than I anticipated. And that's great news! I'm going to turn it into a weekly post, every Sunday, because I really love Street Art and am so happy to see how well it is being documented.

There is something magical and super special about really well done graffiti or street art. Artists are now using all sorts of materials, not just spray paint. The artists aren't painting gang signs, but a huge range of pieces from political-based messages to flowers and cartoon characters. They see an abandoned space and want to beautify it. A huge wall is as much of a canvas as a square on an easel.

To start off the series, here is an incredible piece by MadC done in Leipzig, Germany, MadC's home country. 

*Discovered on Street Art Utopia

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