Thursday, October 31, 2013

Liquid Art from Paul Stowe

I love artwork that seems impossible. Which makes you do a double-take.

Paul Stowe (or Paul-Shanghai) is an artist in Shanghai doing incredible new drawings that look like liquid. Take a glance.

*Discovered on Illusion

Saturday, October 12, 2013

September Memories

It's the heavy rainy season here in Panamá. Where I live, it's typical for it to rain every afternoon. In September it usually started at about 1pm and lasted 3 - 4 hours. The start time has gradually been pushed back later and now it starts raining at about 4pm. I actually enjoy the predictability of the weather here.

September was a pretty chill month, though lots happening behind the scenes as I was gearing up for my vacation month in October. That's right, I'm on vacay!! You won't see many posts here again until November because I'm traveling (photos to come!).

At the beginning of September, my boyfriend and I traveled to Bocas del Toro to pick up his parents and bring them back to Boquete (where we live). It was their first time in the Chiriqui mountains and my boyfriend's dad's first time in the Chiriqui province! They only stayed for 2 nights, but we really enjoyed having them here and were thrilled that they got to see a new part of Panamá.

On the road to Bocas.

Driving through the clouds of Chiriqui.

The lush greenness of Bocas is inviting!

My neighbor had two huge banana bunches come ripe at the same time, so he gifted us a HUGE bag full of ripe bananas. There must have been 40 or more, I swear. Well, that calls for some creative banana recipes! I ended up making 3 or 4 banana breads, banana cinnamon rolls, banana and apple cinnamon turnovers and homemade banana pudding. Delicious.......

It was my first time with these turnovers and as you can see, the first one was a bit sloppy. But still delicious!
Banana Bread is our favorite! We finish this loaf in one day...
Of course I had to put chocolate chips in the mix too...

Between both of our immediate families, we celebrate 6 birthdays in September (including mine and my boyfriend's)! My boyfriend was actually in his hometown for his birthday, but we went out to a nice dinner and played a game of darts in Boquete for my birthday.

I almost won!!

See ya'll in November!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fashion Week {Naeem Khan}

Naeem Kahn is hands down my favorite pick for gown designers.

I loved his Spring 2014 collection! He went super sexy on us with lots of see-through designs barely covered with lace or embroidery. 

He also gave us a very international flair with some Asian patterns. 

Spot on Naeem! Lovely! BRAVO!

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