Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Week {Monique Lhuillier}

This is another designer that I had never heard of, though she is not a newcomer. Her specialty is evening wear, but she's starting to dabble in day wear and is showing that she's quite versatile.

I love how she mixes silky whites with color. Don't be fooled by at the white and pales at the beginning of her show. She's getting ready to pull all the stops!

I do not favor this heavy sleeve, but it is very popular this season.

These designs aren't my favorite of favorites, but I love the strongly colored lace and the contrast of bright color.

The collars are removable. You know, sometimes it's not really necessary in the supermarket.

And now you are about to see why she is such a popular gowns maker. Her designs are truly beautiful.

And the lady herself, thank you Monique!!

What did you think? Too much color? Boring? Predictable?

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