Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion Week {Kaufmanfranco}

What a fun and sexy collection from Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco!

They stuck to mainly whites and beiges, with a few all black looks and some bright colors mixed in. I preferred their all white and beige designs for whatever reason.

What I really loved were their textures! They also produced some very chic jackets.

I like this design but the bust needs to be reworked (and it looks very awkward on this particular model).
Ohhh love suede!

Sweet jacket w/ suede leggings?? What the what?! 
New Years Eve!!

Great show guys!!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fashion Week {Josie Natori}

Love love love this sleek collection from tiny Josie Natori.

I love her simple yet updated designs and the big of Japanese lines.

Her professional look and relaxed everyday look are TOTALLY my style. I could completely outfit myself in her collection. LOVE

Simple but great design, can be dressed up fun or professional!

Another simple design which would be fun to play with accessories.

So attention-grabbing but chic!

Thanks Josie! You are AWESOME!!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion Week {Jenny Packham}

Oh man. What an AMAZING collection from Jenny Packham this season.

I am a total '60s and '70s child and this show just killed me.

It's very whimsical, fairy-like, fairy goddess...

It's like entering heaven and being offered a creamsicle. 

Though I have to say I don't understand this weird satiny cloth that a few of the models are given to hug tightly to their side?

Jenny, you are a GODDESS! 

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