Thursday, August 15, 2013

Current Wallpaper Fad

What do ya'll think about wallpaper? It takes me back to the Home Depot Interior Design section which had seemingly hundreds of wallpaper books. You know what I'm talking about, right? Each company makes their own display book of their selection of wallpapers. It's VERY overwhelming.

Wallpaper definitely went out of style for about a decade (or longer?) when textiles started taking the spotlight. I'm honestly not a huge fan of textiled furniture. I'd rather have one-colored furniture (or bed spread) and interesting art and rugs and details. If I'm going to spend a lot of money on my center piece, I want it to be changeable with my mood!

So seeing that wallpaper is making a comeback, and in an AWESOME way, is pretty exciting. A lot of new wallpapers are easier to take down and change too. That was always the drawback, right?

Here are some great wallpapers currently available. Which is your favorite? I really like this Paris map that Jess Loraas had custom-made from Rollout.

Pete and Bailey McCarthy's apartment, wallpaper by Katie Ridder
 Sarah Neilsen's home, wallpaper designed by Catherine Martin
Laetitia Lazerge’s home, wallpaper by Atelier LZC
Wallpaper designed by Oh Joy, in Jess Lively’s home
Wallpaper designed by Louise Body in Esther Boulton’s home
Nic Guymer and Dave Turner's London home
Jay and Sarah Sandidge's home, wallpaper by Urban Outfitters
Catherine Martin designed wallpaper in this Australian home
Ralph Lauren’s Expedition Novelty Map wallpaper in Baltic Blue in Caitlin Wilson’s home

*Discovered by Design Sponge

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