Monday, March 18, 2013


abdabs |ˈabdabz|(also habdabs )pluralnounBrit. informalnervous anxiety or irritation: that idea gives most lawyers the screaming abdabs .

Alright, so I totally left you guys hanging. My bad. Life just gets crazy on us sometimes, ok?

I am feeling all sorts of i-don't-know. Just trying to work things out... and it takes some time.

My creative juices are flowing again with a new house to warm up. I came across some interesting photos of Lisa Breeze's apartment which struck a note.

So I guess this is like my Welcome Back party or something... hope ya'll have a good time. :0)

I've got a hopeful space for a large patio and I'm interested in the laid brick idea and LOTS of greens and flowers in every nook and cranny possible.

1. Candid shots of family and friends; 2. Books organized by color is a YES.

Check out her intriguing painting above the bed. Love art that makes you look twice or, I dunno, 18 times.

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