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mercer |ˈməːsə|nounBrit., chiefly historicala dealer in textile fabrics, especially silks, velvets, and other fine materials.
Ladies and gentlemen, Fashion Week is upon us. Like on top, suffocating, and totally humping up a storm. The affair started on Feb. 7 and Friday Feb. 15 is the last day in New York, then we jump to London until Tuesday Feb. 19, then off to Milan through Monday Feb. 25. 
I'm a super bad fashion blogger for being so behind on the times. I apologize. What else can I say?
I would like to start my Fashion Week Brief on Badgley Mischka
Mark Badgley and James Mischka have been working together since 1988, which is incredible by itself. As seen in every collection, they gain their inspiration from the glamorous Hollywood of the former glory days, the 1940's.   I LOVE Badgley Mischka and always will because they are a duo that doesn't waver. I like pretty, delicate, glamorous, and timeless styles, and that is what they give every single time.
Enjoy their Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection!

GOLD will always be my choice.

1940's sexy. Notice the yellow tassle on the skirt. And the dirty-green velvet heels.

Adorable satin collar and lace sleeves.

This outfit is really a knockout. The understated grey top makes all the difference. I love how Badgley Mischka does "relaxed formal."

This dress is so simple, yet SO sexy. So beautiful on the runway.

I cannot even begin to describe the genius of this dress. YES to shiny forest green!

A+++. Another Badgley Mischka win.

Unbelievable craftsmanship and design. So sexy and amazing.

BRAVO James and Mark!!

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