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consummateverb |ˈkɒnsjʊmeɪt-sə-| [ with obj. ]make (a marriage or relationship) complete by having sexual intercourse: his first wife refused to consummate their marriage.• complete (a transaction): the property sale is consummated.adjective |kənˈsʌmətˈkɒnsʌmət|showing great skill and flair: she dressed with consummate elegance.
Today I will Brief   J. Crew.
The J. Crew that we all know and love did NOT please me with their Fall 2013 collection. Hey, you win some and you lose some.
For me, J. Crew had a few great separates, but I loathed the styling. It was completely mismatched and ugly. Most of the prints were horrendous - too busy, ugly colors, outdated or too futuristic. Don't think the whole collection was awful, I just found myself picking apart their outfits and settling on separate pieces that I liked.
Here were my favourites:
This was the only outfit that I liked. It's very pretty and is formal/informal enough for the office.

The pants with the shoes are adorable. Really love this pink with the silver design.

LOVE the blazer. My favorite color is purple and I live in blazers. WIN WIN.
Simple outfit but well put-together. Bring back white pants!

Who would EVER do shorts and a matching blazer?? Take the blazer off and you've got a cute outfit. Don't chuck the blazer, just please don't pair it with matching shorts.

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