Friday, February 22, 2013


ohu |ˈəʊhuː|noun ( pl. same or ohus NZa working party.
Today's Fashion Brief will be Naeem Khan.
This man is a brillant dress maker. I LOVE formal dresses and beading and would live in them if I had the money (and the attitude!). Ok so it's my alter-ego, leave me alone.
Mr. Khan is Indian so he KNOWS beading and elegant fabrics. I loved his Fall 2013 Collection - I would wear almost everything that he sent down the runway. Quite impressive.
Here are my absolute favourites, since it might bore you to put all 47 looks here...


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Thursday, February 21, 2013


candyman |ˈkandɪˌman|
noun ( pl. candymen ) N. Amer. informal
a person who sells illegal drugs.

Let's take a quick break from the clothes and talk about BEAUTY.

What I keep seeing over and over again are fresh faces with RED lips

Felder Felder

Fyodor Golan

Kinder Aggugini

Oscar de la Renta

Vera Wang

There were also a lot of TAN/GOLD eyes.

Tom Ford

John Rocha

Clements Ribeiro
Roksanda Ilincic

Sass & Bide

The other trend I am seeing a lot of are FRESH faces.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham
Ralph Lauren
Frankie Morello

Calvin Klein
Burberry Prorsum
But personally, I don't like any of those looks when it comes to FASHION! Here are my favorites so far. You will notice that I have a thing for highlighting the EYES...


Donna Karan

Jean Pierre Braganza

Michael Kors

Simonetta Ravizza
 I'm not super into hair styles, but I really like this one.

Tory Burch
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Monday, February 18, 2013


spangle |ˈspaŋg(ə)l|nouna small thin piece of glittering material, typically sewn as one of many on clothing for decoration; a sequin.• a spot of bright colour or light.verb [ with obj. ] (usu. as adj.spangled)cover with spangles or other small sparkling objects: a spangled dress.
Today's Fashion Week Brief is  Rachel Zoe.
I fell in love with Rachel Zoe in 2008 when her reality show on Bravo came out. Um she is awesome. I love her style, personality, drive. She totally rocks in my book.
Here are my favourites from her Fall 2013 collection!
One variety of hers was a relaxed and comfortable look. This is one example - an oversized knit sweater with baggy leather pants. Love the pants!

Super cool hippie suit; looks like suede? Impeccably tailored and the result is beautiful.

LOVE these leggings. She also did them in black. So cute with the buckles at the bottom.

LOVE these boots. I think she also did them in black...

I'm a sucker for white and these white pants with blazer are KILLER.

Not a fan of this print, but I love the design of these pants!

The photo doesn't do this outfit justice; it was gorgeous on the runway. The scarlet color is divine.

Though this is a relatively simple look, I decided to put it on here because it just looks so classy. I like that she's putting a long-sleeved shirt under the dress rather than a blazer over the dress (for cold nights). And the collar is really pretty.

Again, same shirt, which I really like the gold design, but this time paired with black leggings  and over-the-knee boots.  This is totally a go-to outfit for me.

Love this simple look with the medium heel stiletto. The pants are awesome.

This look is so sleek to me. It's classy and kick-ass.

It's kinda weird at first and I'm not sure how the back of the grey shirt looks (how it connects with the turtle neck), but I think this was put together well with the cardigan and I would wear this any day.

I think this is a jumper suit. I usually loathe jumper suits but this one I could do. The ankle-length pants and sleeveless v-neck top with upturned low collar turns it into a "cool" jumper suit.


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