Friday, November 25, 2011


odium |ˈōdēəm|noun general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions his job had made him the target of public hostility and odium.• disgrace over something hated or shameful; opprobrium.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I love my Peace Corps family for all their differences. We rock.

Here are some old saved up photos of outdoor scenes and randomness. 

Enjoy life!

Better Than Fine

Better Than Fine

Better Than Fine

Delicious just-picked blueberries. An Apple A Day

I will always have a fascination with castles. la douleur exquise

Beautiful Copenhagen. Style Scrapbook

Um i want one. la douleur exquise

Another pretty castle. la douleur exquise

If you haven't noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with maps. la douleur exquise

Love the shelving layout all the way to the ceiling. Lloyd Bar posted from The Bedlam of Beefy blog

Shebid found by I Am Blessed

Just because I love the Olsen twins. This was taken in 2004.

Peonies are my favorite. la douleur exquise

Friday, September 23, 2011


boodle |ˈboōdl|nouninformal money, esp. that gained or spent illegally or improperly he spent $30 million of his own boodle trying to buy a Senate seat.( boodlesa great quantity, esp. of money Scandinavian Air has boodles of seats for America the men expected to make boodles.ORIGIN early 17th cent.(denoting a pack or crowd): from Dutch boedel,boel ‘possessions, disorderly mass.’ Compare with caboodle .

Yesterday I focused on Black. Today we will focus on color. BAM!

*I apologize for the bad crediting. If you know who I should credit for these photos, please let me know.*

Pretty little place setting. Better Than Fine

I LOVE this girl, Katie. She has super fun blog posts and is always positive and optimistic. How fun are these little marshmallow people?? Color Me Katie

Gorgeous full flowers. I can smell them right now. Elle-a via It's Mary Ruffle

Really love these three bold colors together. Kudos to Holly Dyment for a great design. Holly Dyment Design via House of Turquoise blog

Love the flow and ebb and color of this dress. Jac, Valentino Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

I would wear this look everyday of my life. Side pony, short structured dress, waisted thick belt, full legs with bright tights. Yes Yes Yes. Kelsey Van Mook, Milly Fall 2010 Ready to Wear

Love the layered skirt with this thin material. Model Love

I have had this photo in my library for forever. There was never a good time to use it. But isn't this turquoise door amazing??!! One Kings Lane via House of Turquoise

I love everything about this dress - structured top, length in the back, deep magenta color, silky fabric. It's too good. Sigrid Agren, Stella McCartney Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

This is kind of a scary photo. There's poor little Siri with her head stuck out of this monstrosity in striking gold/yellow.  But hey folks, this is fashion. If you can't handle it, get the heck off the runway. Siri Tollerod, Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Peonies are my favorite flower. I love flowers with tons of petals all jammed up together. They are the softest and usually smell the best. And they are so so beautiful. The Laundry Room via It's Mary Ruffle

I just love this dress. The shiny colorful fabric calls so much attention and the fun multicolored band down the front vertically is unexpected and perfect. Veronika Verekova, Armani Resort 2010

Thursday, September 22, 2011


blague |bläg|nouna joke or piece of nonsense.ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: French, literally ‘claptrap, nonsense.’

I'm going to be honest. Here's what happened.

Whenever I see photos that inspire me, I immediately save them to my hard drive in that moment. Later, when I am ready to make a post, I browse through them and choose whatever I am inspired by from my library of inspirations. Well, this library got a little outdated since I didn't have my computer with me for about a year. So, I went through all of these old pictures and separated them into categories. I'll be posting one category per post for the next ten posts. 

I still love these photos, but they are not new and exciting inspiration for me. But they are still worth sharing. 

Today I'm focusing on Black. Enjoy :)

*Some of the credits have been lost due to my bad record-keeping. If you know who I should credit, please alert me.*

Yes, I used to curl my hair like this. And it was awesome. And it also fell out of it's curls within like 3 hours. But it was pretty while it lasted. And yes, I would totally do my hair like this again. Bianca Balti, Christian Dior Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Sexy outfit. Sexy makeup. Bianca Balti, Blumarine Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Simple shot of Devon. Oh did you notice the hottie that she's with? Yeah he's probably gay.

Good shot. She looks a little possessed, but overall good movement. Emily Abay

Love this model because of her innocent face. So structured yet soft. Kelsey Van Mook, Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

GREAT shoes. I have some similar to these from Zara. But I'm thinking this person needs to trim her nails. They're a little on the long side for my likes. But pretty purple color! La Douleur Exquise

Chanel never fails to impress. Model Love

Love the Olsen twins. They rock. 

I love this photo. The model is fantastic and the makeup artist did a phenomenal job. Siri Tollerod, Christian Dior
Sexy photo. Sexy hair. Well, it could go both ways. It also looks kinda like a rat's nest, as my mom likes to call it. Valentina Zelyaeva, Dsquared2 Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


vair |ve(ə)r|nounfur, typically bluish-gray, obtained from a variety of squirrel, used in the 13th and 14th centuries as a trimming or lining for garments.Heraldry fur, represented by interlocking rows of shield-shaped or bell-shaped figures that are typically alternately blue and white, as a tincture.

I know I know. I haven't updated in FOREVER. Well, I have a good reason for that. 

Now that I finally have my personal computer, free wireless internet, and too much time on my hands, I will grace you all with an update. Wait, "you all" really just means "me, myself, and I". That's ok. 

Let the fireworks begin.

I've been on a huge color white kick lately, partially inspired by my new man who loves everything white. So flipping through my archives, I've chosen a few favorites centered on a white theme. [I apologize sincerely for the photos that I can't find links for. These photos were saved a long time ago and some of the information was not properly recorded.]

The beautiful Sandra from 5 inch and up.

The fashionable Anna Dello Russo photographed by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.

The fabulous David and Victoria Beckham.

Claudia Cardinale - women who know how to use a gun are great.

A sleek corner nook/desk outlined in studs by Elizabeth Kimberly Design, posted by Erin Gates of Elements of Style blog.

Light and airy room posted by girlyme.

Love the color scheme in this room designed by Tobi Fairley and posted on the House of Turquoise blog.

Sparkly and structured Armani dress (Spring 2010) worn by Jac.

White tutu/tulle posted by la douleur exquise.

This picture is so beautiful to me. I love white and gold.  Model love

Ashley Olsen in a white simple-but-elegant dress. (with Justin Bartha)

I love white lace. Picture Perfect Wedding

Poor Siri Cavalli looks like she needs to breathe and eat, but the dress is stunning by Armani from his Spring 2010 Couture collection.

Photo of Tara Vasev and posted by the blog jak and jil.

This is more creme, but it's still a really fun and sexy dress. Model Valentina Zelyzeva in a Max Azria creation.