Wednesday, July 21, 2010


smite |smīt|verb ( past smote |smōt|; past part. smitten |ˈsmitn|) [ trans. ]poetic/literary strike with a firm blow he smites the water with his sword.• archaic defeat or conquer (a people or land) he may smite our enemies.• (usu. be smittenfigurative (esp. of disease) attack or affect severely various people had been smitten with untimely summer flu.• ( be smittenbe strongly attracted to someone or something she was so smitten with the boy.

I forgot how strangling cigarette smoke is. 

And I forgot how glorious long summer days can be. It's like I'm reverting back to childhood. The 8am-5pm workday is way overrated.

I'm going to tell you a completely fictional little story...

Yesterday, I got married ...

... to this handsome lad from Moscow.

I fell in love with him because he proposed with this lovely gold elephant ring.

We went on a glorious honeymoon touring the Mediterranean on his yacht.

He bought me beautiful jewels in Monaco ...

... and tasty macarons in Paris.

We arrived home and settled down with a beautiful kitty.

I freshened up in our bright colorful bathroom ...

... and sashayed into our plush living room where he asked me, ....

"come away with me and let us do it all over again."

Now that is a man to love.

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