Wednesday, July 21, 2010


smite |smīt|verb ( past smote |smōt|; past part. smitten |ˈsmitn|) [ trans. ]poetic/literary strike with a firm blow he smites the water with his sword.• archaic defeat or conquer (a people or land) he may smite our enemies.• (usu. be smittenfigurative (esp. of disease) attack or affect severely various people had been smitten with untimely summer flu.• ( be smittenbe strongly attracted to someone or something she was so smitten with the boy.

I forgot how strangling cigarette smoke is. 

And I forgot how glorious long summer days can be. It's like I'm reverting back to childhood. The 8am-5pm workday is way overrated.

I'm going to tell you a completely fictional little story...

Yesterday, I got married ...

... to this handsome lad from Moscow.

I fell in love with him because he proposed with this lovely gold elephant ring.

We went on a glorious honeymoon touring the Mediterranean on his yacht.

He bought me beautiful jewels in Monaco ...

... and tasty macarons in Paris.

We arrived home and settled down with a beautiful kitty.

I freshened up in our bright colorful bathroom ...

... and sashayed into our plush living room where he asked me, ....

"come away with me and let us do it all over again."

Now that is a man to love.

Photo credits:
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Monday, July 19, 2010


unicorn |ˈyoōnəˌkôrn|nouna mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
• a heraldic representation of such an animal, with a twisted horn, a deer's feet, a goat's beard, and a lion's tail. historical a carriage drawn by three horses, two abreast and one leader.• a team of three horses arranged in such a way.

My "last day" at work was Friday July 16. I use quotations because I haven't really quit working yet. There are still multiple projects that I have to finish out..... boo! But at least my boss says he'll pay me for it. So the work saga continues.....

Nevertheless, I am spending my extra time (what extra time??) becoming as fluent as possible in Espanol (mucho mas deficil que me piense), spending time with family and friends, and rearranging my new room at my parent's house. And maybe throw in a bit of fun with new boys too. It is summer afterall...

Since I have been so far gone for so long, here is a multitude of precious pictures!

Love these men in Milano, Italy that wear sharp suits and ride around on bikes. The Sartorialist

I like to think of this as Anne. La Douleur Exquise

Love the old door frame. Elements of Style

Andy from Style Scrapbook

Thursday, July 1, 2010


cruck |krək|noun Brit. either of a pair of curved timbers extending to the ground in the roof framework of a type of medieval house [as adj. a cruck barn.

I developed a short-lived super crush today. It was short-lived because I found out that he has a cute little girlfriend. boo.

Yesterday I made some delicious sugar cookies. For half the batter, I made them into thumbprint cookies and put homemade strawberry jelly in the middle. Yum butter and sugar and flour.

So since I have been completely MIA this week, here is a slew of fun pictures for your enjoyment.

I Can Read