Sunday, June 13, 2010


sophism |ˈsäfizəm|noun a fallacious argument, esp. one used deliberately to deceive.

Here I am eating chocolate-dipped strawberries enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon. These are my new goals for the summer:

  • Have fun 
  • Flirt with boys and break lots of hearts 
  • Be silly and lighten up 
  • Enjoy lots of girl time because I have the most fantastic friends!
  • Eat chocolate-dipped strawberries multiple times (those were toooooo good)
Ok, I have a serious girl crush. It's totally out of control. I want to introduce to you Jessica Stam. If you do not think she is gorgeous, then you are an IDIOT. She's from Canada and she's 24. AND I CANNOT STOP STARING INTO HER EYES!

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