Sunday, June 6, 2010


confab informal noun |ˈkänˌfab; kənˈfab|an informal private conversation or discussion they wandered off to the woods for a private confab.• a meeting or conference of members of a particular group this year's annual American Booksellers Association confab. verb |kənˈfab; ˈkänˌfab| ( -fabbed , -fabbing ) [ intrans. ]engage in informal private conversation Peter was confabbing with a curly-haired guy.

T-minus 24 hours to the LSAT.... and what am I doing? Washing lettuce from my mom's garden, making a big salad for Kelly, Kim, and me, baking cookies, finishing art projects, and watching Fool's Gold. Gave up on studying this morning.

So I spent like 4 hours yesterday scoping out fall 2010 ready to wear pictures. And I forgot how much I love that world! So you might start seeing lots of pretty pictures of models and clothes very soon...

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