Sunday, November 15, 2009


glamazon |ˈglaməˌzän; -zən|noun informala glamorous, powerfully assertive woman.

this weekend was GREAT. i am such a little homemaker sometimes. what makes us go back and forth between two lives? for me it's ultimate career woman ('slash' b-i-t-c-h sometimes) to bible-reading maid and chef. no complaints here, just curiosity about human nature.

but i cleaned the entire apartment, which felt fantastic. then i finally put up the shelf above the tv and decorated it with the wine bottles i have been saving. it looks really good if i do say so myself. and i ran lots of errands that needed to be done. and i slept in saturday AND sunday.

LOVE this dress. love love love love love love love lvoe love love lvoelove. my sweet little blog

ah paris. lolita's blog

i'm finishing up my NYC and paris maps this week. finally. they're going to be great! Man Make Home

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