Tuesday, September 29, 2009


savarin |ˈsavərin|nouna light ring-shaped cake made with yeast and soaked in liqueur-flavored syrup.

Is that kinda like a donut?

LOTS of events I'm planning in the next few months for all sorts of things!
1. Michael's Birthday Weekend - [I have to keep it a secret because he reads this thing]
2. Autumn Celebration - cooking delicious fall flavors and going to a corn maze with friends!
3. Girl's Night - dinner and a night of fun with the girls that I work with (bachelors - I have 2 good looking single girls if you are interested :))
4. Speaker Event at Work - planning a luncheon and speaker for 50-100 guests for my boss.
5. Family Dinner - dinner with me and my roommates' families sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
6. January - New Year Party for top clients at work.

I think that's it... there may be one or two more that I've discussed with people and haven't set in stone yet.

I love this photograph. Everything about it is perfect to me. It's Mary Ruffle

This turquoise tile in a subway pattern is killer. House of Turquoise

This has to be Greece, aka. my most sought-after destination. Design Sponge

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