Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

Today is March 1 and it snowed. A lot. Snow is so beautiful - I always get excited as soon as it starts.

The past two weeks have been cRaZy! Work has been extremely busy and stressful since Kurt has not hired someone to replace George.  I had two additional jobs dumped into my lap - on top of my own duties. Ahhh! But I'm hanging in there, day-by-day.

I'm leaving for Israel on Monday and I'll be gone for one week touring the Holy Land with my Grandma and cousin (Lisa) and then one week in Paris with Anne and Sallie. How lucky am I??

It will be a much needed break from life. I have a lot of thinking to do - particularly career-wise. There are tons of ideas floating around in my head and I need to put it all together. 

List of aspirations for the trip:
1. Take pictures of everything - awaken my artistic spirit.
2. Spend quality time with my grandma and cousin.
3. Be silly with my girls Anne and Sallie - girl time!
4. Experience the culture of Israel - food, people, scenery, etc.
5. Experience the culture of Paris - food, people, scenery, etc.
6. Learn as much as possible about the Holy Land and how Jesus was able to affect the nation.
7. Live like a Parisian (and learn a little bit of French). 

Bon voyage!

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