Friday, March 6, 2009


Alright, I'm going to make this quick because I don't think I have a lot of time left on my internet time.

1. I am in Israel. It is crazy.
2. People - majority of the group I am with are hispanic so I have definitely sharpened my Spanish skills this week. It's all couples and old people. Lisa and I are definitely out numbered. Lisa has been great - we're keeping each other sane. Grandma is a handful but we're hanging in there.
3. Conflicts - I can not deal with Catholics (thanks mom). I really try to be understanding of other religions but I am really fed up with Catholics. I'm really sorry if I'm offending someone... And I honestly don't understand Judaism. The Jewish community here is just ridiculous. I'll tell the things I have learned from our tour guide later.
4. Food - eat a lot of bread and hummus. Desserts are good. Rice is good. Veggies aren't always fresh but they're good. Good amount of canned fruit. As you can see, lots of starch = Mary Beth's getting fat. Yippee.
5. Back to school - so our tour guide is basically a professor. We start every day at 7am and don't get back to the hotel until about 8pm. They have crammed so much stuff into each day, it's just too much. I have learned more about Catholicism, Israel, the bible, etc. than I would have really ever wanted to know. But whatever. 
6. Sickness - got a head cold on Wednesday and it's not quite gone yet. That kinda put me in a sour mood because we're on the bus all day, in and out of tourist sites, dealing with nagging vendors trying to sell us junk, etc. Of course that just gives me a headache in addition to not  being able to breathe and my throat is on fire. Yeah, fun times in Israel.
7. Highlights - Haifa! Oh my gosh, most beautiful place in Israel without question. It's right on the Mediterranean, clean streets, amazing views (like Rio de Janiero with the mountains right at the sea). Just a perfect place. Mona is going to be there in June so I'm going to try to come stay with her for a week during my birthday!
~Another highlight is I've finally figured out what I want to do with my life. Now don't flip out because this might seem far fetched, but it's honestly what I want to do more than anything. My dream is to buy the space next to Willy's at Piedmont Park (I think there's a bakery there right now) or some other location in that same vicinity (with parking) and build my own bakery. It will be called "emmy b" and I will sell/serve home made ice cream hand mixed with toppings (like marble slab and cold stone), pastries, cakes, specialty chocolates and candies, and sandwiches. Of course there are other details but I won't get into them in here. So you should be happy for me that I have found my dream and am building my business plan even though I know you think it is far fetched and impossible for me to do. Guess what - I will prove you wrong my friend. ;)

The craziest thing about this whole trip is basically everything is "according to tradition". As an example, we went to a church today in Bethlehem (which is a territory of Palestine, definitely did not realize that) called the Church of the Nativity. It was built because they believe that Jesus was born beneath the church. It was built back basically 2000 years ago to preserve the cave (because Mary and Joseph were so poor that they didn't even live in homes, they lived in caves) that Jesus was supposedly born in. Alright - I might be the only person to voice this but honestly, no one really has any proof that Jesus was born there. It's basically a legend and they are assuming that Jesus was born in that particular cave. Please people. Give me a break. I could go on and on about the things that they "think" happened at particular spots but no one really knows for sure. I think it's just a tourist trap and they want to make this huge deal about something just to bring people there and make money. Well let me tell you, it works on these Catholics. They believe anything.

So now that everyone thinks I've turned into a cold-hearted bitch, well maybe I have. I'm just laying out the truth like I see it. 

Let me remind you, it's all according to tradition.


  1. Now you know why I have certain issues with certain religions. Sorry, but the truth hurts. I'd love to hear of your take on the Muslims.
    Girl, if eating bread and hummus is making you fat, just what do think owning a bakery and ice cream store is going to do to those size 1 jeans? Goodwill ain't gonna know what to do with them.
    And as for being a cold hearted bitch, its a good thing as long as you're not mistreating people. All of us had better grow some stones if we expect to survive the next decade. Its getting hot in here and i'm sick and tired of everyone pretending everything is just fine because they are too stupid or gullible to read the handwriting on the wall. Read Revelation if you want to see the future. Maybe apple didnt fall too far from the tree. And as for someone else who tells it like it is, I'm falling in love with Glenn Beck.

  2. This is from Aunt Dawn:

    Hey Mary Beth!

    WOW! I loved reading this. I laughed so hard. You know Grandma really wanted at least one of her grandchildren to be Catholic.............but I don't guess it is going to be you, huh? I do know that it means a lot to her to have two of her grandchildren accompany her on this trip.

    Tell Lisa that we send our love. Actually to both of you. You guys be careful. Uncle Raymond says to continue to look after Grandma!

    Love from Georgia,
    Aunt Dawn

  3. Mary Beth you're funny. I'm glad you didn't have much time, I liked the free-flowing thoughts haha. And I believe in you, I can't wait to eat at emmy b!