Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Career choices

Side note - I posted the pictures from Israel to Facebook. Check them out!

My brain has experienced freedom after being in Paris for only 1 day. Anne and I had discussions on career choices earlier and I want to recap them here.

1. Pastry school (Patisserie) - There is a 9 month program in Paris at the Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. Tuition = $20,500.  Ouch. The 9 month program in London is $14,625. Both schools have programs that start at the end of June. The idea is once I finish the program, I will either find a job to further my skills and contacts or open up a bakery in the United States (lenders would be more willing to lend since I at least have a degree for my services/products). I need to speak with the pastry chef from Alon's to get his perspective on my plan. I remember him saying that pastry school was not worth the price; you will receive just as much experience working directly under a pastry chef. I also need to meet with the owner of the Little Cake Bakery in Atlanta to see how she got started - whether she had the formal education or not.

2. Fashion industry - modeling agency, magazine publishing company (advertising division), or something with a designer. This is obviously far-fetched since I have almost no contacts in the industry and clearly no experience or background what-so-ever. But I love it and I think I would be great at it if given the opportunity. I need to schedule a lunch with an acquaintance who opened up a modeling agency in Atlanta after graduating from Georgia Tech. 

3. Travel agency/concierge service - Help individuals and groups plan trips all over the world. Specialize in planning elaborate trips for the rich and famous. Focus on the Atlanta/South Carolina/North Carolina market.

4. Lounge/Club - I love the idea of owning a lounge/club that serves elegant desserts and drinks (coffee and alcoholic) for the time period after dinner but before hitting the late-night scene. I also think owning a club would be fantastic so I would like to incorporate a separation for dancing in a club atmosphere. Therefore, this design could accommodate a multitude of customer preferences. For those who want to stay in one place all night, they will be able to spend their entire night in one place with all of the luxuries that they want. For other customers who only want the lounge or club, they could choose to do one or the other and move on to other places throughout the night. To break into this industry, contacts are a must. Should I become a bartender? server? The other option is going to the clubs every day they are open and befriending the owners/managers. But that's not really efficient. I will talk to Mauricio about this. 

So clearly I need to marry a millionaire to make all of my business dreams and ventures turn into my realities. :)

I'm on the right track, right? Laying out my options... Comments are appreciated (but don't be mean!). :)


  1. Who are you? YOu are not the Mary Beth I raised. Let go of her mind and body right now!!!!
    1. Seriously though, the HUddle House in Cleveland is hiring and I'm on first name basis with some of their best workers. Remember when you considered interviewing with Waffle House?
    2. Have you watched the news and read the papers lately? People don't have jobs = no money for essentials, = no spending on fashion . Ask Kathy Raines who just got laid off from Macys. This is serious and will get worse.
    3. Re-Read question from #2 . Who is rich and famous anymore? The rich are now poor and the famous are in jail for conning us out of our investments. Or robbed us with a gun to get cash.
    4. This one was a joke, right?

    If this is too mean, I'm sorry, but I am your Mother! This is why traveling is not good. You come back more confused and misdirected. And poorer. But there's always the camel jockey you hooked in Israel.

    I hate the role of the Voice of Reason in your life, because it creates distance and tension between us. I love you. I won't be offended if you delete my comments.

  2. Hey Sweetheart,
    I like the sound of those 10,000 camels! That would be a great career choice for you and me.
    Love you,